Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Direction

This blog is going to focus, at least for the near term, on two goals that are, more or less, in keeping with the spirit of the blog's initial purpose. First, I am going to present an idiosyncratic tutorial on Java, the programming language, aimed at scientific types who are not programmers- chemists are my imagined audience, but who knows who, if anyone, might look in.

The second goal is to present, again for those who are technical, but out of the know, a tutorial on some aspects of electronics. I want to cover things that can't be found readily in books or on the web, at least not in the way that I hope to get it across. My approach will be fundamental, but practical. I want to cover the science behind, for example, transistors, while still offering enough in the way of simplified models to allow the reader to design something with a transistor.

Both of these are likely greatly over-ambitious. We'll see. Both electronics and Java program are subjects that, at the right level of abstraction, give a person a lot of power to explore and discover. For scientists, they are tools that are so readily available that it is sort of tragic that they are not better known. I don't have the time or space to teach everything, but I hope I can get people started, and that I can enable them to use the phenomenal set of readily available tools there for the taking.

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